A Year of Words

Last year started off with a bang. My husband had two heart attacks that forever changed our lives. It’s a year later and he has lost 50 pounds, follows a plant-based diet and works out regularly. I made some monumental changes as well. I am hoping 2020 is a bit less stressful because I have big plans.

I want to finish a book I have been working on-47 Houses: The Path of The Mother. It is about all the houses I have lived in over the years and my search for my biological mother. The searching is what drove most of the moves. This search eventually morphed into a search for the Divine Mother.

I am studying with Embodied Philosophy. I wanted to finish this life-changing program in one year but I think with my full plate and some challenging health issues, it may take two. I’m warming up to that.

I am also studying with Laura Amazzone. She is an amazing Yogini-both a scholar and a practitioner. I read her book three times and carried it in my purse for several months.

I imagine this year to be a year of words—a year filled with writing, reading, jotting down snippets of conversations, deep listening–listening to my body and my heart and to what inspires and nourishes my creativity. I desire a year of healing and growth.

This blog is my way of being accountable to myself and hopefully along the way I will encounter other writers and those on similar paths.

Happy New Year! May all your writing dreams manifest on the physical realm.

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